Admissions Process

This is not an admissions process in the usual sense, but instead a path to participation. We are not interested in excluding or judging, but rather in welcoming people. While we recognize that each family has unique needs, the following steps are recommended. If you feel that this process does not suit your family, we are willing to discuss alternate routes.  Please understand that these recommendations are intended to benefit both prospective families and the existing school members.

Short Visit
Both the prospective student and guardian visit school and receive the handbook.

Review the handbook
Because the school’s educational approach is unique, it is essential that both the prospective student and anyone critical to the student’s decision review and understand all components of the book. Younger children may not grasp or be interested in all concepts, but please do your best to help them understand.

Meeting With Two School Members
After the short visit and review of the handbook, we naturally expect you to have questions. This is an opportunity for us to answer them as well as further clarify and elaborate on the school’s philosophy and routines.

Long Visit
This can occur either immediately following the meeting with two school members or whenever the family is ready. In order for the prospective students to determine if they feel comfortable and wish to join us,  we suggest they spend approximately 5 days at the school before making any final decisions.

Family will receive packet of forms.

The Real School Meeting
The prospective student and family should attend one of our regular working meetings (6:30pm on 1st Tuesday and 3rd Wednesday of each month) to get to know other families involved in the school. As part of our consensus process the school community will then separately review the proposal to have each child attend.

Sound overwhelming? It really is not as bad as we managed to make it seem. Please remember these are not hard and fast rules but are rather suggestions to enable a smooth transition.