Support TRS

The school welcomes financial assistance as well as contributions of supplies, equipment, and services. We are building a support network of people with particular skills and areas of expertise to allow us to offer a variety of learning experiences and apprenticeships as well as maintain the physical plant.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate and network with other groups and organizations as well. Please consider supporting the school with a monetary donation. Either mail a well concealed check or click the button below to transfer contributions securely through PayPal.

For those students who wish to attend the school but find financial resources a challenge, we are beginning a scholarship fund.  If you would like to be a sustainer of this program, please donate through the Pay Pal button above or contact us to find out how you can help!

Our Wishlist:

Educational Items and Toys
-Books (for all ages including picture, fiction, art, how-to, non-fiction, music, textbooks, etc.)
-Science Equipment (microscopes, telescopes, beakers, thermometers, magnets, magnifying glasses, kits, etc.)
-Posters (art, maps, diagrams, etc.)
-Puzzles, Legos
-Pens, Binders
-Models and Kits (solar system, anatomy, life cycles, globes, physics, airplane, car, etc.)
-Games (board, card, etc for all ages)
-Wooden and plastic swords

Art and Music Supplies
-Modeling clay
-Paint (tempera, acrylic, watercolor, finger, face, spray paint)
-Canvas (various sizes)
-Paper (construction, computer, lined, origami, cardstock, posterboard etc.)
-Pottery wheel
-Kits (beading, knitting, etc)
-Instruments (guitars, amps, bass guitars, recorders, bells, snare drum, drum sticks, djembe drums, picks, flutes, violins, keyboards, rhythm sticks, guitar strings, tuners, etc.)
-Screen printing supplies
-Knitting & crochet needles
-Glue (school type & sticks)
-Sewing maching & sewing kits

-2 Printers
-Boom boxes
-Movies (DVD or VHS)
-Software (Photoshop, games, activities, learning to type, etc.)
-Video games
-Video & Digital Cameras

-Washable rugs
-Folding chairs, Stools
-Folding Tables (adult and child sized)
-Chairs (adult and child sized)
-Bean bag chairs & Floor pillows

Outdoor Equipment
-Gardening supplies (adult & child sized gloves, trowels, spades, shovels, organic seeds & plants, lawn mowers, garden shears, wheelbarrows, etc.)
-Playground Equipment (swings, rope ladders, climbing equipment, slides, etc.)
-Sport Equipment (Basketball hoops, basketballs, baseball bats/gloves, baseballs, soccer balls, kickballs, tether balls, footballs, martial arts, jump ropes, etc.)
-Play Equipment (bicycles, tricycles, skateboards, pogo sticks, scooters, wagons, helmets, knee & wrist pads, etc.)
-Furniture (hammocks, picnic tables, tables, lawn chairs, benches, etc.)

Recycled Items (empty, clean and in good condition)
Egg cartons, Tissue boxes, Shoe boxes, Jewelry boxes
Glass jars, Spools, T-shirts (all sizes), Pillowcases
Anything you feel could be turned into something interesting

Other Items
-Cash donations & Gift Cards (for office, furniture, art, grocery, education, and book stores)
-Ladder (10 ft minimum for reaching light fixtures)
-Double AA batteries
-Tools (adult & child sized hammers, saws, screwdrivers, nails, wood scraps, vises, drills, etc.)
-Running vehicles
-Paper towels, Tissues, Toilet paper
-Dish soap
-First Aid kits, Insect Repellent (natural or not)
-Magazine and newspaper subscriptions
-Mats (yoga and tumbling)
-Organizational and storage containers of any size