Open Dialog – Saturday, November 17th

We welcome you to join members of The Real School Unschooling Co-op for our next Open Dialog on Education on Saturday 11/17, 2pm located at 2805 Wichita, Houston, 77004

Open Dialogs are an opportunity to learn about our co-op, discuss philosophies of unschooling, and to debate other educational paradigms. Going forward, we intend to have Dialogs monthly on the 3rd weekend of the month. We will alternate Saturday and Sunday, so December’s Dialog will be the 3rd Sunday. All ages welcome.

As we move forward, we will offer Dialogs focusing on such topics as:

  • ‘adultism’
  • creating/sustaining a de-institutionalized space
  • race, gender, class and unschooling
  • freedom vs. license
  • how can we have economically sustainable cooperative learning spaces?