August Events! (Edited*)

Get ready for lots of fun and learning this August at The Real School!

Check out our Workshops, Craft Days, Game Nights and more!(descriptions below) 

Event Calendar:  

Workshops: We have started hosting regular workshops(or you could call them study and discussion groups) on a variety of subjects. They are all non-coercive, relaxed, and donation-based! Here is a list of the current workshops:

Writing Group: Thursday 5-8pm August 8th (we will be in Dallas on the 22nd this month)

All ages. Bring something to discuss (either a question or a piece of writing)!

Spanish: Monday 11-1pm on August 5,12, 19

Beginners welcome. All ages. Will work on grammar, vocabulary, speaking, reading, etc.

Science: Monday 1-3pm on August 12, 19

Do some simple science experiments with us!


We will have beginners Knitting and Crochet classes this month. Facilitated by Abbie!

Knitting: Monday the 5th and Tuesday the 13th at 5:30pm

Crochet: Tuesday the 6th and the 20th at 5:30pm

Arts and Crafts Days: Friday the 9th, 11am-3pm; Wednesday the 14th and 28th from 1pm-4pm and Craft Night on Saturday the 17th from 7pm to 10pm

Come with your arts, crafts or instruments or join in on our planned art activity!

Baking: Tuesday the 13th at 1pm with Marie (and more dates TBD)

Beginner’s baking classes are open to everyone!

Note: Math days are currently canceled but we hope to resume in the future!  Also, we are currently working on scheduling Beginner Yoga classes!


Karaoke Nights: Friday August 9th and 26th from 7-11pm 

All ages Karaoke fun with snacks and drinks provided. $5-10 Donation greatly appreciated.

August’s Game Night FUNdraiser! Saturday the 10th 6-10pm 

This has been a lot of fun in the past 3 months and we are happy to host it again! Come for  tasty food, beverages, video and table top games, and more mischief! Bring your favorite games if you wish! Bring drinks or snacks if you want! All ages! $5-10 donation.

Community Potluck for Unschoolers and Allies of Community Education: 

Wednesday August 28, 6-9pm

Join Real Schoolers for a monthly(veg-friendly) Open Potluck to socialize and discuss Un-schooling/Alternative Education models, and work on growing a Community Education project! This is open to our friends, allies, and anyone interested in our project or learning about Un-schooling, Adultism, or related philosophies. Come hang out, discuss, learn and grow with us! All ages of people are welcome! Please bring something to share if possible and donations to TRS are always appreciated!

August’s Open Dialogue:  The Problem With School *

Join us this month on SUNDAY the 18th from 1-4 pm (date was changed due to scheduling issues, sorry!)

We will be discussing the issues surrounding schools and authoritarian learning structures. Possible questions to address could be:  the history of compulsory schooling, the criminalization of children, how schools interfere with real learning, the need for critical thought, the rising police presence and surveillance of kids, the myth of dumbness, corporations and schools(meds, advertising,etc),  and the idea of learning vs schooling. We seek not only to show how unschooling can work but how schooling does not work and is detrimental to young people! General questions on Unschooling and The Real School are also welcome for discussion! Hope to see you there! Donations always appreciated!

For some reading on this topic we suggest The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto:

(Note: more events may be added and/or dates or times changed, so keep checking back!)

All events are at the ACT building at 2805 Wichita St. and are sliding scale donation based(almost free!).  People of all ages are always welcome as long as they respect others and respect our space(see handbook if you need further clarification).

Hope to see you there!!!!

– The Real School AKA Dragon Valley

P.S. Here is our most recent picture of a delicious learning experience! Baking is great for math and teamwork lessons!

Baking Banana Bread!!

Baking Banana Bread!!