April’s Awesomeness!

Hey people who actually read this blog, this month is quite interesting! In this marvelous month of April, there’s not many changes from last month. But, Thursdays, the students will be choosing whether to go to The Temple on 2300 McKinney st., or to stay and hang out at the building, on a week to week basis. Keep up with what’s going on on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/therealschoolhoustontexas/ . As for what’s happening this month, here are some details (Not much different from last month really):

 Open House

Open house for visitors, Wednesday, April 9th, 11am to 1pm. Please call or email if you wish to attend: unschool@therealschoolhouston. org, 713-523-0066. Hope to see you there!

Game Night Fundraiser!!

This monthly event will be happening on Saturday April 19 from 6-10 pm. Everyone is encouraged to come and bring their favorite games, whether table top, card game s or video games. More specific information can be found out by calling our school phone. All ages, small donation($5-10) requested, and there is always some great food available as well as coffee, tea, water, and sometimes soda. You are also welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks! It is always a fun time filled with lots of laughter and different types of games! Donations help us maintain our building and do more fun activities!

All Ages Karaoke

Join us on the first Saturday of the month for some laid back Youtube Karaoke! You can perform any song you want and we have all the equipment needed! Snacks and beverages welcome! Small donations encouraged! This will be happening on April 5th from 6-10pm.

Writer’s Group

Evening writer’s group will be going on every other Thursday, on April 10 and 24 from 6 to 8:30pm. We hope you will join us and give a small donation. It is a fun, accepting, and relaxed group!! Invite your friends, too! This is an all ages meet-up!

Archery Classes

Join us at 19407 Park Row, Katy, for some all ages archery classes. In these classes, we will be taught how to properly hold and use a longbow. These classes cost $10 to join and we also suggest wearing clothing you can move in. We hope to see you in the classes on April 1, 15, and 29 from 2-3 (Although it takes about 45 minutes to get there from the building, so you should probably leave early or you’d miss the class)

Acting Classes

Ohohohoho! Acting classes! In these classes, we aim to be able to perform a play confidently in front of our friends and peers. The play has yet to be decided, but it will definitely be worth watching when it’s performed. So come and join us in the acting classes or watch the play when it’s performed, maybe even both! These classes will be happening weekly on Wednesdays from 11-1:30

Serving with Food Not Bombs Houston

This month, every other Wednesday, in the evenings, we will be helping the other volunteers serve food. We are joining a local group that serves home cooked meals to hungry people downtown 4 days a week. We want to practice cooking healthy meals and to support others in our community. We will be serving on April 9th and 23rd from 8-9. Please feel free to join us to either serve the food you make or help others serve theirs.

Please check our calendar or contact us by phone if you are looking for more events! Our building is also available to host events for a small fee. We can be contacted at 713-523-0066. All events that take place at our building will be at: 2805 Wichita St. Houston, TX 77004. We can also be reached by email at:unschool@therealschoolhouston.org





Photos from some of our field trips last month


September Events! Added workshops, Crafts, Yoga, Karaoke and more!!!

For the last month we have been actively adding events to our calendar including: more language groups, Yoga, Knitting/Crochet, gender studies and fun events like Karaoke and delicious experiments in baking and ice cream making.  Our writing and math groups continue this month and we will also be hosting our monthly Game Night and Potluck, and working on our mural and a Zine (booklet) including work from our participants! The ACT building hosts various community events this month as well which are not directly related to us but are part of our growing community project; contact us if you are interested in hosting an event at our building. All events hosted by the Real School are open to people of all ages unless otherwise stated and are donation based. Please help us sustain our cooperative with a generous donation when possible!

Check out events on the ACT(home to TRS) building calendar here:

This Month’s Open Dialogue is on: The De-schooling Process

This month we will discuss the transition from schooling to Unschooling and how to support our young participants and others during this transition. The process of De-schooling often includes a lot of questions, uncertainty and lack of direction which can cause parents a lot of concern. It is clear to those of us that have made it through this period that there is a time of confusion, when we are no longer being constantly directed and controlled, in which it takes personal growth and reflection to move forward into self directed action and freedom. We will be discussing what this period looks like and in what ways we can support transitioning into Unschooling and a freedom based educational and lifestyle approach.

Saturday September 21st from 1-4 PM.  Donations to our cooperative encouraged. 

FUNdraiser Game Night on Saturday the 14th from 6-10 PM

join us for another month of fun and food! Bring your favorite games!! $5-10 Suggested Donation.

Community Potluck for Unschoolers and Allies of Community Education

on Wednesday the 25th at 6PM!!

Vegetarian friendly and open to everyone!!! Bring a friend!

Yoga Beginner’s classes:

Every Thursday at 4pm.

Our friend Dan Panzone will be volunteering to work with people of all ages and help us with some basic Yoga skills. $5-10 suggested donation.  Wear stretchy clothes and bring your own mat if you have one!

Knitting and Crochet group:

Facilitated by our friend Abbie every Wednesday@ 11am.  Abbie will share skills on Knitting and Crochet for beginners and anyone who knits or crochets is welcome to join us and build friendships! Small donation suggested and we are still looking for donations of yarn and hooks/needles. All ages welcome!

Grand Ripley Day

To Celebrate The Real Schools Furry Security Guard Feel Free To bring Dog food And a $5-10 donation All Day Thursday the 12th. – Lou

Lt. Ellen Ripley the security dog

ICE CREAM Making TUESDAY THE 10TH At 12 noon

With Your Choice Of Different Flavors. Bring A donation For Materials, $5-10 Recommended. Bring Your Own Plastic Bag If Possible.

Gender and Sexuality Studies Discussion

Wednesday the 18th at 12pm. 

An Unschooler and staff members are hosting a discussion on gender and sexuality for Unschoolers and young people. We will be addressing questions about how we perceive gender, gender expression and sexuality and any other related discussion topics in the field. There will be a presentation of resources on gender and sexuality and we will plan what kind of studying and discussions we may like to see take place in the future. This will be a safe space for young people to ask questions and discuss with other young people and supportive adults. Parents are asked not to attend to maintain an area for free expression.

More information:

We have various workshops that have been ongoing the past few months including writing and math. For details on those please see recent blog posts or contact us directly.

Phone: 713 523 0066 email: unschool@therealschoolhouston.org

All events will be at the ACT building unless otherwise specified: 2805 Wichita St. Houston TX 77004

This month’s blog post was brought to you by: Marie and Lou

Invitations & Event Announcements

Hello Folks,

The Real School has a number of things going on this week and I want to extend an invitation to you all.

On Saturday 6/23 from 2-4pm we are having and Open Dialog on Education. The topic is Unschooling 101. It is an introduction to the many faces of unschooling, also referred to as child-led learning , experience-based learning and community-based learning. We welcome people of all ages, those with and without children. There is no fee for our Open Dialogs, we simply want to foster  conversation about  educational alternatives. Those new to unschooling are welcome as well as veteran unschoolers. Critics of unschooling should come out as well, debate is always healthy!

On Friday 6/22 and Saturday 6/23 from 6-10pm Real School members are hosting The Real School Fundraiser Gaming Night. There is a Facebook page devoted to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/200126580109257/

Saturday 6/16,The Real School, in conjunction with ACT Houston and David Reed of Texas Natural Builders, began construction on the 1st legal cob structure in Houston! Go to the City of Houston Cob Structure page on Facebook or the this page on our website for photos and more information. We will be working on construction from now until mid July, mostly on weekends but some during the week as well. Volunteers are welcome. This is an amazing project for anyone with an interest in eco-friendly building. Come, check it out!

So I hope to see many people at all or some of these events. We are always about building community above all else.

In Friendship, Krenie Stowe